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Membership Perks


When you sign up for our membership, the first thing on our to-do list is building your business a custom/ personalized, high-calibre, high converting website (completely separate mobile design that has amazing conversion) that speaks to your unique practice brand. Our websites are designed with knowledge backed by experience on what works in the eye care industry. 

We use a collection of best practices in SEO, Google Ads, and other digital marketing means to ensure that your website is turning leads into calls. Pair these guidelines with a passion for user experience, intuitive design, and exceptional content, and you’ve got yourself a machine for profit.

Branded Videos

Video is still killing it. We saw that video content brings in 3 times more leads than written content, and wondered how we could make the most of this fact as a small-scale marketing agency rather than a television studio. 

We came up with a collection of scaleable, brandable, promotional videos that can be used across the board – for ads, on your website, or even in features on other digital platforms. With membership, you’ll have fresh video content to boost leads whenever needed.

Marketing Audits

Our Marketing membership includes comprehensive audits of your marketing efforts, to clearly distinguish what is and isn’t working for your business presence. This includes an Annual Comprehensive Marketing Audit, Quarterly Organic Performance Reports, and a detailed live Dashboard Report.

Our Marketing Audits are key to our abilities as a digital marketing agency – they inform us of how to do our job in earning you a higher ROI. These audits take all the data and give it a shake-down, revealing what it working really well, and what needs a little extra.

Marketing Strategy

Not only do we offer access to Marketing Directors who have the knowledge and instincts to bring you massive success, we also have incredible analytic and deductive abilities thanks to our experience in data management. (Keep in mind – we’ve figured all of this out through figuratively scraping our knees.) Take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience your Marketing Director brings to your practice growth plan.

We look at both the micro and the macro when it comes to how your marketing efforts are performing, and tweak things as they grow and change. This provides our clients with results. We base all of our recommendations on your practice objectives and help you build a quarterly or annual marketing plan that works for your budget. Quarterly strategy meetings with your Marketing Director is a must so you are all on the same page and moving things along.

Dashboard Reporting

Our goal is to show you exactly how your marketing is working so we give you a monthly dashboard that shows every statistic we can report on. Everything from how much traffic to the website, the source of the traffic, new or returning visitors and type of device. On top of that any advertising you do with us such as Google Ads will have its own reporting so we can truly see what ads are working hard for you. Your Marketing Director is available to walk through your dashboard anytime.

Social Media Library

We have built an extensive social media library that we are adding to all the time. Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Instagram story images and so much more. Not only are we creating and designing posts we are reaching out to your favorite brands in frames, lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses and dry eye therapies to get images and ready made social posts to add to library.


We have a separate training portal that has video series, downloadable resources, e-guides and courses. Topics include marketing, social media, human resources, management, leadership and operations. Think of something you need, let us know and we just might create it and add it to the training portal.

Although Training4ecps is a separate portal you will also find marketing training on this membership portal specific to the services we offer.

Visit the portal.


Over 10 years ago, one of the first businesses we ever started was an online jobsite for eye care professionals in Canada. We recently launched a new platform with enhanced functionality in 2020 and all of our clients receive FREE job postings. US clients can now post on their as well. Need to hire. Reach out directly to or your Marketing Director to get your account set up and free credits uploaded.

Partner Perks

We work with lots of complimentary industry organizations and some of them have special discounts and incentives for our clients. Check out our partner page on this membership portal. Example: Interested in e-commerce? We have investigated and partnered with every option we can find in the eye care industry. We wrote an entire e-book ( detailing each option. Once you decide on the option we will work with that company to integrate it at no charge into the website for a seamless shopping experience for your patients.


Our team is always available to help you with things like adding a new employee bio or new frame line or changing office hours. We also include 24 hours (with the $500 a month program) for things like new medical niche pages, adding new technology, adding new content or whatever you need. We also are always monitoring changes in marketing and with Google to ensure your website is performing to the latest standards such as load speed and SEO best practices.

We have also just hired a Membership Coordinator whose sole job is to create new enhancements to the membership perks so this only keeps growing. Stay tuned…we’re just getting started.

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