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“NEW” Instagram Wallpaper For Eye Care

“NEW” Instagram Wallpaper For Eye Care

We have been asked a zillion (ok, maybe a million) times if we can come up with a way to take over a practice’s social media without it costing a “zillion” dollars. Custom social media is expensive because it is a manual process, takes strategy & planning, requires multiple departments (graphics, social media manager, account management) and technology (Hootsuite, Sprout Social). We do custom social media for many of our clients and it ranges from $650 – $1350 a month depending on how many posts and social channels. It’s worth it for practices that want to direct more of what happens on their social media.

Now introducing, Instagram Wallpaper For Eye Care, a revolutionary way to get an amazing , beautiful Instagram grid for as low as $195 for 3 posts a week. This is perfect for the practice who is either not posting consistently or struggling with content ideas and creation. We have launched 8 collections that range from fashion, to general eye care to medical like Dry Eye and Vision Therapy. You choose a wallpaper and commit to 3 months and off we go. Not only do we do all the posting we write the captions and hashtags. Here’s where it get’s super interesting…we investigate the best LOCAL hashtags for your area and use those as well as eye care related hashtags to grab local attention and hopefully new followers who we can turn into new patients.

Here’s another bonus…we can auto post these images & captions to your Facebook page so you get 2 channels for the price of 1. Pretty sweet deal. If you want to find out more about our Instagram Wallpaper or custom social media options reach out to your Marketing Director today!

PS…want to learn more or see all the collections? Click here:

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